Boundary Camera Club


Are you into cameras?


Why not join the Boundary Camera Club!


We welcome all abilities and cameras, whether you’re a seasoned pro with all the gear; or a beginner with your first point-and-shoot.

They meet at 7.30pm on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month between September and May, at the Rec Soc.

  • £30 annual membership

  • £2 visitor fee (which gets reimbursed if you join)

  • Monthly competitions with guest judges​

  • Monthly learning evenings (software, hardware, techniques etc.)

  • Regular club outings


We offer a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Find out more by contacting

For those just getting into photography the club is a friendly and accessible way to learn more; and for those that wish to extend their knowledge the club is a great way of seeking out experts with unique knowledge and experience in photography; including Infra Red photography, Timelapse photography, Sports photography and Extended Dynamic Range photography.


In addition to getting advice on the hardware side of photography, e.g. cameras and lenses etc, the club has many members who are experts in getting the most out of a digital capture, whether it is through using Lightroom, Photoshop or some other post processing technique in your PC.


Finally, the BCC runs an external programme, where members visit various locations to explore their photography passions. As an example, members recently visited a ‘private tank collection’, where members not only saw tanks ‘in action’, but were allowed to climb inside and experience a main battle tank from a very unusual angle.