Athletics Club

The Athletics club is primarily aimed at running, both on the road and cross-country.


We meet at the rugby / football changing rooms each weekday lunchtime at around 12:10pm. From there we tend to head off in several small groups to run on local country roads and footpaths, around the Rec. Soc. pitches or in the nearby Wasing Woods where we buy a permit that allows us to run on their privately owned, traffic-free tracks and paths.


Just turn up and join in with someone that wants to run a similar session.

In the summer the Rec. Soc. also marks out a 400m line for those that wish to do some sprint or interval training.

The club runs its own competition - a 'Pursuit' (i.e. handicapped) run on the second Wednesday of each month. Two distances are available: 3.1 miles, which is entirely cross country, and 5.5 miles which includes about 25% road. Handicaps are set according to ability with the aim that everyone completes the course at around the same time to make for an exciting finish.


The emphasis of the club is on running as a social sport and few events are taken seriously. However, several of our members enter local races including the Reading Half-Marathon, the Tadley Summer 10k, the Newbury Multi-Terrain 10k at Highclere Castle and the Virgin London Marathon.


To join the Athletics Club you do need to be a "Recreational" member of the Rec. Soc. The Athletics Club has an annual fee which is currently £10.


Our members cover all abilities and new runners are always welcome.