Welcome to the Aldermaston Angling Club (AAC). The AAC founded in 1953, has angling access to three ponds (Decoy, Fish and Stock) on the Aldermaston Site.


The ponds contain a good head of fish, including Tench to 6lbs + and Carp in excess of 20lbs. In addition the ACC is affiliated to the Reading & District Angling Association which gives access to a wide variety of angling venues, many holding fish (Carp, Barbel, Chub etc.) of specimen size.

As well as catering for pleasure and specimen anglers, the club also caters for match anglers through local on site and off site competitions.

To join the AAC you must hold one social share of the Rec. Soc. The clubs annual fee is £15.

The AAC, a chance to relax and fish in a secure (you can leave your car doors open!) and tranquil setting.  If the fish are not biting the antics of the ponds bird population and the iridescent flash of the resident Kingfishers should keep you amused.